Frequently Asked Questions:
Make sure to click Save and Close in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when exiting the course.

For best results, please use the Chrome browser. Support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 has ended.

Please follow the steps given below to have the necessary settings applied in Chrome

1. Before starting the course, click on the 'Lock Icon' on top.
2. Check the status of 'Flash' and 'Pop Up And Redirects' .Select ' Allow' from the dropdown as their status.

Flash Redirect

3. Reload the page when prompted. If you get an error message click on 'Ok' and close the tab.

Flash Reload

4. Also Click on three dots in top right corner of chrome . Go to Settings>Privacy and Security>Site Settings.

Make sure Flash & Pop Ups both are set as ‘Allow’.

Flash Allowed

5. Restart the course. Click on ‘view’ button in the course
6. During the course , you may verify if earlier applied settings are in place . You may check it by clicking on ‘Lock icon’ on top .

If the problem persists, send an e-mail to GEMS support by clicking here.
Xerox Employees
Learning@Xerox (GEMS) is S3 protected. If you are having issues with your S3 account, please check with IT Support.

Xerox Partners
It takes a minimum 48 hours from the Partner Employee activation of their profile to be able to access the learning system.

Partners receive error message when attempting to login to Learning@Xerox from the portal – Partner sends email to:
Europe: European Certification & Accreditation Programme Executive
Emerging Markets: Contact your country contact, located on the home page of the Partner Portal.
US: - Velocity – DTP/Agents
Xerox Employees
A Xerox Employee should be able to access the learning catalog within 24 hours after their GEMS profile has been created.

Xerox Partners
After the learner's account has been created and activated in the partner portal, it takes minimum 48 hours to be able to access learning.

If the learner cannot locate the course after this period, send an e-mail to GEMS support by clicking here
Learners that changed companies or have multiple accounts may find that some of their learning history is not under their learning profile. We might be able to merge the data from your old profile to the new one.

To request a learning history transfer, please send an e-mail to GEMS support by clicking here.

To better assist you, please provide us with the following information for both the current and the previous profile: Name, BPID number, (S3 if you know it), and the name of the company you work for.
The most common issue managers experience with the interface is not selecting the correct filters. For the quickest way of viewing your team's learning, please see the steps below:

1) Click on Advanced Search button
2) Check the All checkbox in the Assignment Status drop-down menu.
3) Clear the date in the Due Date field.
4) Verify that your name is listed in the Manager Name field.
5) In the Assign On field select On or before and specify today's date.
6) Click the Search button.

For additional information, please reference the Learning@Xerox Managers’ Quick Guide.
[2020-11-24]: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. As a result, some learners may not be able to login to GEMS/Learning module. The team is working to resolve this matter as soon as possible.
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